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Compared to Traditional Recruitment Agency Models





We will draft a job advert in-house which is targeted at your ideal candidates, and place it across our network of the leading UK job boards.




We are subscribed to all major UK CV databases, this allows us to go direct to your ideal candidates within a commutable distance from your location. 


Every recruitment campaign starts off with a full vacancy consultation, this ensures that there are no irrelevant candidates sent across and that we know exactly what you're looking for in your next hire. 


We manage the entire recruitment process on your behalf. From initial job draft through to hire, and everything in-between. 


All you need to do is attend the face to face interviews, and decide who you want to hire!

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Kamro is the UKs leading alternative recruitment provider.  We work with SME's to provide a full cycle outsourced recruitment solution.

Our commission-less recruitment solution is specifically designed for companies who:

Want to avoid

traditional agency


Do not have the time (or simply do not want to) recruit themselves.

Want a professional recruitment service at an affordable rate.

kamro system


Every client is given a 'Live-Link' to their recruitment campaign where they can review, invite, decline and give feedback to their account manager all from our cloud-based application.

  • View your curated shortlist of candidates.

  • Review applications and select your top applicants with one click.

  • Provide feedback to your account manager online.

  • Arrange interviews at the click of a button.


  • What fees are associated with each service option?
    With our 'Hire the Team' service option there is only one service fee that we charge upfront. There are no commission fees, placement fees, hidden fees or subscription fees. With this service option, the campaigns provide 'up to' one candidate, any additional hires within the campaign would be charged at the same service rate. For our 'Hybrid' service option this is a 'shared-risk' approach. Where you can pay a smaller service fee upfront, with the addition of a 7% hire fee due upon placement. For our 'Exclusive' service option there is no service fee payment due upfront. Employers simply pay 14% upon a successful appointment. For our Subscription service options there is one monthly cost, with no charge for additional hires, meaning that you can hire as many candidates as you like all under one fixed cost.
  • What does your flat fee recruitment service include?
    Our fixed-price includes the following: A job brief to understand the role, your business and workplace culture. A professionally written Job Advertisement Job role advertising across our network of UK job boards Passive candidates resourced from our UK CV Database subscriptions & Internal talent-pools Applicant screening to understand who meets the brief to create a long list Screening interviews (via phone) with the long list applicants Creation of a short-list of the top candidates Full candidate profile building All interviews managed and scheduled by us, for you Notification of all applicants / candidate on the status of their application Full candidate feedback Employment offer negotiation Employee reference check (subject to request) LinkedIn premium job postings (subject to package/optional extra) Candidates sourced from LinkedIn with a recruiter licence (subject to package/optional extra)
  • What does your flat fee recruitment service NOT include?
    Not much really: Psychometric testing Pre-employment checks and vetting (unless requested) Attendance at the interviews, zoom, phone or in person Legal documents or HR processes That's about it.
  • What happens if you cannot find anyone for my role?
    Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a hire. But what we can guarantee is to manage your entire recruitment process for a set period, that includes: advertising, resourcing, candidate engagement, from initial contact through to job offer, and everything in-between.
  • What is your Placement Replacement service?
    Our placement replacement service covers you in the event that your hired candidate leaves within the first 30 days of employment, or if they even fail to start. If this does happen, just give us a call and we will get your campaign up and running again at no additional cost! This is the perfect way to cover for counter offers, candidates having a last minute change of heart, or for candidates who decide its not for them within the first 30 days of employment.
  • Can you attract and source candidates for all kinds of vacancies?
    We can attract and source candidates for all roles. We are subscribed to all of the major UK CV Databases which allows us to go directly to the 'passive' candidate market. Plus we place adverts in the right places to attract the right so of 'active' candidates.
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