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Kamro Ltd is your in-house recruitment partner, on-demand.

On-demand recruiting to suit your hiring needs, without being tied into any long-term contracts.

Our team comes fully equipped with everything that you would expect from a state-of-the-art in-house recruitment team. 

That's the advertising reach, the social media presence, the internal and external cv databases, all of which is managed by experienced recruitment professionals. 

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"After a lot of time and money wasted on job advertising sites without any quality applicants, we needed an alternative solution. We found Kamro, and we’re so glad we did. The team were keen, responsive, and kept in constant contact, so we knew exactly what was going on at all times. They did all the leg work, we just had to interview the potential candidates. I have no hesitation recommending Kamro to any looking for a cost-effective recruitment solution."

Director - Web Presence Ltd

Subscription Recruitment.

Paid Monthly.

Do you want a full team of professional recruiters?

Do you want access to the best job boards, cv databases and recruitment software?

Do you want screened candidates ready to hire?

Do you want to cut your recruitment spend?

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Pay per month for our external HR and recruitment service. All candidates are screened, relevant and ready to go.


It's just like having a full time in-house recruitment team, without the full-time costs. 

Why Use Kamro Subscription?

Why hire a full time permanent recruiter when you can pay 1 third of the cost per month for external HR and Recruitment Services?

Get a full team of professional recruitment consultants based in the UK handling all of your job posting, headhunting and incoming job applications. Our team will interview, headhunt, screen, shortlist and select the most suitable and highly skilled candidates, giving you full access to our recruitment platform and freeing up your inbox.

Just like having a full time HR person except without the full time costs. We give all candidates a professional and positive experience of your brand so that despite their outcome in their application that they have a lasting impression.

Our consultants will learn about your organisational structure, culture and needs and target talent based on your needs. We constantly have pools of talent ready to hire and have a huge database already in place.

What are the costs?

Working in Office

1 Job Slot


Per Month

Colorful Office

2 Job Slots


Per Month

Working at the Office

3 Job Slots


Per Month

Long Term Contracts?

No Way!

We do not tie our clients into any long-term contracts, our service is built firmly on results.

There is a 3-month initial contract to get everything up and running, and then you are able to give just 30 days notice to stop.

Want to learn more? Give us a call on 01732 756 300. 

Or fill out the form below and a member of the team will give you a call back at a time that's convenient.