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Kamro Ltd is your in-house recruitment partner, on-demand.

On-demand subscription recruiting to suit your hiring needs, without being tied into any long-term contracts.

Our team comes fully equipped with everything that you would expect from a state-of-the-art in-house recruitment team. 

That's the experienced recruitment professionals, the advertising reach, the social media presence, the internal and external cv databases and the industry knowledge, all of which is managed by experienced recruitment professionals. 

Subscription Recruitment.
Paid Monthly.

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Do you hire more than twice a month?
Are you looking to cut down on your recruitment spend?
Are you looking for a team of friendly, experienced, professional recruiters?
Do you want access to the best job boards, cv databases and recruitment software?
Do you want screened candidates who are ready to hire?
Do you want every aspect of the recruitment process taken care of for you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, get in touch today to discuss your recruitment requirements in more detail, and find out how we can help grow your business.

Computer Office Work


Pay per month for our fully-managed recruitment service. All candidates are screened, relevant and ready to go.

It's just like having a full time in-house recruitment team, without the full-time costs. 

Why Use Kamro Subscription?

If you have a regular hiring need, or simply do not want to recruit yourself or have to deal with various different recruitment agencies, you can put your recruitment all in one place under one low-cost recruitment solution, with no commission to pay, ever!  

Get a full team of professional recruitment consultants based in the UK handling all of your job posting, headhunting and incoming job applications. Our team will interview, headhunt, screen, shortlist and select the most suitable and highly skilled candidates, giving you full access to our recruitment platform and freeing up your inbox.

It's just like having a full time recruitment team, with all of the recruitment tech, just without the full time costs. We give all candidates a professional and positive experience of your brand so that despite their outcome in their application that they have a lasting impression.

Our consultants will learn about your organisational structure, culture and needs and target talent based on your needs. We constantly have pools of talent ready to hire and have a huge database already in place.

What are the costs?

Working in Office

1 Month


Per Month

Colorful Office

6 Month


Per Month

Working at the Office

12 Month


Per Month

If you have a short term hiring need then our 1 month option is perfect, you can take as many staff in that one month as you possibly can, all for one fixed cost.

If you are happy to commit to a longer duration for a longer period of hiring, then we are happy to provide a discounted rate.

Want to know more? Give us a call on 01732 756 300, or click the button below.