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Kamro Ltd came into existence in 2016 as a result of a conversation between two friends. One from a recruitment background having experienced the good, the bad and ugly, and the other from an insurance background having dealt with the industry as an outsider looking in, from a hiring point of view.

The common theme was that the whole concept of contingency recruitment just seemed... Strange, sending out a vacancy to 5 or 6 different agencies, who all call the same candidates, who all post the same lame job ads, and who all throw the first candidate they find at the ultimately fed up hiring company... Surely there had to be a better way?

Well there is, and we sure didn't find it at first... It has taken years of listening to what employers really want from their recruitment partner, years of listening to what candidates think is a good recruitment journey, and years of experiencing first hand the pro's and con's of different aspects of recruitment.


We have now find our winning formula, one where hiring companies do not have to worry about negotiating expensive hiring fees, one where employers do not have to worry about rebate periods and the horrible thought that a candidate might leave after the expiry date, and then not only being back at square one, but having to foot another expensive bill, one where you can work collaboratively with one company, knowing full well that they can achieve your goals... 

The end result is our subscription based approach to recruitment, which is an on demand 'in-house' solution.

Whenever you need us, you can instantly gain access to a whole recruitment department to use at your disposal. From a one off hiring campaign, to an all year round recruitment solution. 

Together. We've got this!


Kamro Ltd provide the UK's best 'in-house' on-demand hiring solution. Tailor made subscription based recruitment and on-boarding support for SME's and business owners.


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