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Kamro Ltd came into existence in 2016 as the result of a clear and apparent need for an effective and affordable recruitment solution which was lacking in the industry. Recruitment was either too expensive (traditional agencies), or too ineffective and time-consuming (recruitment advertising/flat fee recruiters).

Then there was the problem of contingency recruitment... The process of multiple recruitment agencies all racing to find the first person they can which vaguely matches the person specification. This way of working is the main reason recruitment has such a bad reputation, it creates a service which is reliant on speed, and not on quality, it means that hiring companies have to relay the same information back to each different agency, and it means candidates get called, emailed and text by multiple agencies all trying to pitch the same job... Leaving the local talent feeling frustrated and creating a negative image of the hiring company in the process... Not a great recruitment model if you ask us!


We have now found the winning formula, which is an extremely effective, cost-efficient, and sustainable recruitment solution that delivers exceptional results, time and time again.


We have ditched the contingency model and only work on an exclusive basis, or in conjunction with an in-house team, this gives us the time to find the very best candidates for the job, and not just the first person we come across. This allows our clients to rest assured knowing that their recruitment is in safe hands, and not have to deal with countless irrelevant CVs sent across hoping that one sticks. 

We call this our 'on demand, in-house' recruitment solution, this enables our clients to take on a whole recruitment department as and when the hiring need arises, with all of the benefits that come hand-in-hand, from the expertise and experience of our consultants, to our incredible advertising power, to the huge amount of candidates readily available on our talentpools, and all for a fraction of the cost of working with a traditional recruitment agency. 

This is how we think recruitment should be done, and with a 5 star rating across both Google and Trustpilot, our clients must agree!

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Highly recommend Kamro!


We were flooded with CV's almost instantly. The position we were advertising for was technical and niche. We were unsuccessful trying to fill the position ourselves so I called in Kamro!! Within a couple of days of speaking to our campaign manager we had over 15 CV's, interviews booked in and a job offer was made and accepted. Our campaign manager was outstanding throughout the process. He set up interviews, helped set up zoom meetings on our behalf, he definitely went above and beyond to help us. He did all the leg work for sure. As a busy company we couldn't thank Kamro enough for the excellent service and finding us a great new member of our team. We will most definitely be using Kamro again. The process of hiring can be long, tiring and stressful but working with Kamro took all of this of off our plate.

General Manager - Gemma Mansfield - Ensign Advanced Systems Ltd