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Fixed-Fee Recruitment

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These days, finding quality candidates is a challenge, especially in a candidate-driven market with unemployment at an all-time low. In this situation, the really great candidates are more than likely already employed, meaning they are not actively job-hunting, making posting your open job position on job boards a futile exercise that may not draw in the best candidates. And this is where the benefits of using a recruitment agency come in.

Using a recruitment agency means that of your hiring needs are taken care of, ensuring you have access to an already-vetted, quality pool of candidates, streamlining your entire hiring process. However, one of the biggest deterrents of utilising a recruitment company is the cost. The world of recruitment fees can be confusing. The traditional model of paying a percentage of the salary as the fee is continually being challenged by other, more accessible models, one of them being fixed fee recruitment.

Traditional recruitment usually promises a full-scale operation from start to finish. From understanding your company culture and fit, to nailing the job brief, sourcing candidates, and then forging ahead with managing the interview process. What we don’t always consider, are the fees attached.

Hiring managers are under tremendous pressure to keep recruitment costs low, but candidate quality high, and traditional recruitment methods, while comprehensive, are far too costly and for businesses with tight budgets, unsustainable. With the placement of a new employee through a traditional recruitment agency, businesses need to think about the recruitment fees involved and the instalments that follow. These can often quickly escalate, leaving business’ in a particularly difficult position, should the placement not work out, or fail to begin at all.

Aside from being transparent and easy to understand, fixed fee recruitment is a combination of the best parts of traditional recruitment with the added benefit of time and cost savings. Aside from drastically reducing the time spent in-house on writing up job ads, posting them and then managing applications, with fixed-fee recruitment, clients are guaranteed a set price enabling them to confidently budget the cost of the hire, knowing they will still have access to most services, as well as the same pool of excellent, and available talent.

At Kamro Ltd we offer just this. We guarantee that you will not find a more effective, all-inclusive recruitment service for a lower cost anywhere in the UK. On-demand recruiting to suit your hiring needs with all the same resources and results, but at a far reduced cost. With our alternative recruitment model, you can deploy a whole recruitment department as and when the hiring need arises.

Our team comes fully equipped with everything that you would expect from a state-of-the-art in-house recruitment team. That's the advertising reach, the social media presence, the internal and external cv databases, all of which is overseen by experienced recruitment professionals.

Our campaigns are all managed by our online portal where you can review any and all candidates we have spoken to, as well as being able to see exactly what work has gone into the project. And the best part? No hidden costs. You pay one fee and keep all your recruitment needs in one place, promising you the best recruitment solution, at an affordable cost.

Flat fee Recruitment

Fixed fee Recruitment

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